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“My personal goal is to have happy people,” said Dr. Todd Hoggan, owner/orthodontist of Sota Orthodontics, which debuted its new Worthington office at 1526 Oxford St. (formerly McCarthy’s Floral) in mid-August.

“Achieving beautiful smiles is the most fun part of it, but it’s really about changing lives.”

While Hoggan and his staff of six (two additional staff members may eventually be added to his Worthington operation) are occupied with examining teeth, making molds and tightening braces in the quest for more perfect mouths, patients will find the clinic’s surroundings contribute to their comfort and relaxation — at least, as much as that’s possible when one’s teeth are being tweaked.

“It’s a different look, a little more current, with new chairs, a new sterilizer and all new equipment,” noted Hoggan.

“We wanted it to look cool, and it features shades of grays, blues and white.

“There’s an expanded waiting room and more capacity generally, with the office flow designed specifically for orthodontics,” he continued.

“It’s a major step for us, and we think it turned out pretty nice.”

Given that Sota Orthodontics’ website says its goal is “personalized care in a patient-focused, warm and inviting environment that allows our patients to relax and enjoy their orthodontic experience,” Hoggan’s refurbished clinic seems to check all the boxes.

However, it wasn’t ambience so much as scheduling freedom that drove Hoggan’s need for a different locale.

“We shared dental office space with AppleWhite Dental [on Worthington’s Second Avenue] for quite some time, and about a year ago they were looking to change hours and times,” explained Hoggan, adding that their weekly Worthington presence has traditionally been each Wednesday.

Because Hoggan, who earned his doctorate of dentistry at the University of Oklahoma Dental School in 2000 and his M.S. in orthodontics in 2003, also has offices and patients in Marshall, Pipestone and Pierre, S.D., he and his peripatetic staff desired greater scheduling flexibility than a shared office space with another busy practice allowed.

“For instance, when winter comes and we sometimes have to shut down the office due to weather events, we’ll have more flexibility to make up for ice days and snowstorms,” said Hoggan.

“That will be a nice benefit.”

Another plus is the central location along one of Worthington’s main streets, although Hoggan is quick to point out that an orthodontist’s office is almost always a predetermined destination rather than a random stop.

Hoggan and his staff provide standard orthodontic care, with Hoggan being a certified Invisalign and Clear Correct clear aligner expert to boot. He has conducted and authored original orthodontic research and incorporates the latest dental/orthodontic technologies in his patient care.

“We want our patients to be the best they can be, but not everyone wants the same thing,” said Hoggan.

“For some people, we’re working to correct something that has bothered them their whole life and has maybe even been embarrassing, so this is a fun, exciting process,” he added.

“It can have its ups and downs — a little pain, some wire pokes — but generally speaking, we want everyone to have a wonderful experience and be happy.”

Hoggan’s enthusiasm for his work and patients shines through, and he is pleased the year-long process of establishing a new site for his Worthington practice is nearly complete.

“The cool thing about being an orthodontist is that every situation is unique—there’s no cookie cutter experience so it’s never a boring process,” Hoggan observed.

“With this new office, we’re well positioned to provide orthodontic care here well into the future,” he continued.

“We want people to be happy and to have a great result in the end — and hopefully we deliver.”

Sota Orthodontics is located at 1526 Oxford St., Worthington, 372-2166. For more information, visit

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