Great Dentistry from our Friend in the Philippines – Morning Side Fit

The longest extended vacation that my hubby and I spent abroad was almost four months. Even though our business venture did not turn out as productive as hoped, we still had a good time and managed to avoid a really cold long and brutal winter while my hubby has gotten his dental issues mostly resolved. He had a large number of teeth go bad in the past couple of years and really needed a lot of dental work. The last tooth he had pulled here in the US cost us $230 and it was an easy job because it was right in front.

Many years ago, he got his teeth cleaned and the dental technician used a hard grinding tool to removed the plaque from the bases of most of his teeth. He knew at that time that something was wrong because he could feel the increase sensitivity immediately. All these years later, his worst suspicions were realized when his teeth started getting cavities all around the bases where the technician had ground on his teeth. He has another friend who said the same thing happened to him and when he mentioned it to a technician here in the US, she was appalled to hear what they had done to him back then and said they did not do that kind of cleaning anymore.

He has also been taking a lot of prescription medication recently and wonders if that hasn’t contributed to the rapid deterioration that he experienced in just a few years. He had checked out the possibility of getting dental implants here in the US but the cost would have been at least $20,000-$30,000 so that was out of the question.

There in the Philippines, he managed to get multiple fillings, seven teeth pull, upper and lower plates made, all for under $1000. He figured that it would have cost us at least ten times that much to get all that work done here in the US. The only problem that he has had has been his own fault because he was not able to allow enough time for his jaws and gums to heal to get a really good fitting on the plates while we were still there. I guess we will just have to use that as an excuse to spend another winter back in the Philippines.

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